About Stellar Dance Studio

Stellar Dance Studio was founded in 2014 by Stella Reynolds who dreamt of opening a boutique children dance studio where students could learn the art of dance in a safe and creative manner. Located in the heart of West Hollywood, Stellar Dance Studio offers our signature program for younger students Prima Ballerina, Preparatory for elementary school, and Pre-Professional programs for pre-teens. To ensure children can reach their full potential, SDS offers private lessons that are tailored to each student individually. Whether you are looking for beginner or advanced dance classes, you will find your home at Stellar Dance Studio.

As a small boutique children dance school, we are able to provide every student with a dance education that will build their character and inspire them to achieve their goals. The studio has a family feel that creates a supportive environment in which students can grow. Our goal is to make children and parents alike feel welcome and included in our community.  We have gone beyond a traditional children dance school to build a support system, a team, and a family.

More than just a place to learn technique, our children dance studio is dedicated to create a positive experience for everyone who walks in the studio. We provide a quality education that instills values of discipline and respect in a way that empowers kids to give their very best. With carefully tailored programs to fit every dancer, we are confident your children will shine bright in our year-end showcase where they get the chance to perform their newly mastered skills on stage in front of our stellar community!

In addition to dance classes, we offer summer camps, dance intensives,  studio rentals, and additional performance opportunities. We are proud to provide an environment for your child to discover joy and passion at Stellar Dance Studio.

Mission Statement

nurturing inspiring & empowering every child to reach their full potential

We believe in challenging students in a healthy way that leads them to grow into strong dancers and empowered people.

Stella stretching with her students | Stellar Dance Studio

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