Prima Ballerina Camp

You  will  love  watching  Your  Prima  Ballerina’s  passion  flourish!

Immerse your little one in the warmth of friends, the creativity of movement and the wonder of expression! 

Feel their excitement when they show you their latest dance moves.

Let them enjoy the most magical ballet stories of all time.

Prima Ballerina Camp Schedule


June 20-24


Cinderella, a truly magical ballet where dreams come true! The dashes of magic will allow our campers to transform from mice to beautiful horses and from little dancers to kind Princesses. They will fall in love with ballet while learning the Cinderella story through Prokofiev’s music and creative ballet movement. We unfold the story by portraying different ballet characters, creating art, learning mini variations and giving just enough technical skills to encourage their love for ballet.

Fairy Princess
July 10-14
Morning Camp 8:30am-12:00pm
Afternoon Camp 12:00am-3:00pm
Full Day 8:30am-3:00pm

Your child will love transforming into a magical fairy princess during our camp. With the help of pixie dust our campers will experience a day in the life of what it takes to be a fairy princess. From The Fairy Doll to The Lilac Fairy, and The Sugar Plum Fairy to Tinkerbell, your child will become her favorite magical character. Imagine her excitement when each day is dedicated to a specific fairy and their story. We love to see their faces light up when the campers cannot wait for the next day to become the next fairy and dance with each other!


  • Discover New Love for Dance.

  • Create Friendships and Improve Social Skills.

  • Build Muscles and Improve Posture.

  • Increase Coordination, Agility and Flexibility.

  • Improve Focus and Memory.

  • Combat Stress and Build Self-Confidence.

Dress Code & What to Bring

Ballet leotard or a t-shirt , leggings or shorts.

Ballet shoes and water bottle.   

Lunch and snacks (for Full Day Only) 

And do not worry about tutus. We have perfect Prima Ballerina tutus to dress up!                                                    



  • Your Choice of  3 – 6 hours of FUN each day for 1 week

  • Free Prima Ballerina Camp T-Shirt

  • Supplies for Arts & Crafts Projects

  • Dress Up in Class

  • Final Mini Performance


Your Investment

Morning/ Afternoon Camp $340/week

Full Day Camp $495/week

Save $25 with Early Bird Special (Before May 1st)

Spots are limited! Reserve yours today!                                                        


What Your Child Will Love

Magical Experience & Lot’s of Twirling

Learning New Dances and Skills

Dress Up as Prima Ballerina

Illustrated Activities Materials

Their Prima Ballerina T-Shirt 

Princess Story Games

Creating Arts and Crafts

Spring and Summer Camps

From Our Parents

“My daughter was only into dinosaurs and jumped like a frog and crawled in all fours. Prima Ballerina Camp bloomed her into a ballerina and I’m thrilled. Classes are awesome too. Every Staff member rocks.”   ~    Ayla M.

Our Daughter is 5 1/2 years old and this is a fresh introduction into the art of dance and controlled movement for her. The Instructors are fabulous, skilled, and sensitive to the varied needs of young minds.  The Studio is accommodating and clean, the environment is supportive and spirited.  We absolutely love Prima Ballerina Summer Camp at Stellar Dance Studio!        ~ Suttapa M.

We cannot wait to twirl with you soon!

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