Recreational Dance

Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance, and here at Stellar Dance Studio we offer a wide range of ballet classes for kids and toddlers to discover the backbone of classical dance. Through the study of ballet, your dancer will learn to jump, turn, and tell stories with movement. We know every child has dreams of being a fairy tale character or a prima ballerina, and this is where it begins! Ballet brings that magical sensation right here to our dance studio with every step.

Shining Stars

(Ages 4.5 – 6)

Our Shining Stars ballet classes focus on learning ballet through an imaginative adventure! These students participate in themed 12-week semesters where we work on basic dance techniques, rhythm, strength, posture, flexibility, and ballet vocabulary. Shining Stars classes emphasize ballet positions as well as basic jumps, turns, and terminology.

Super Stars

(Ages 6 – 9)

Our Super Stars ballet program provides an environment that encourages dancers to have fun and think creatively as they learn and build on previous skills. These classes incorporate the traditional Russian Vaganova method and follow a typical ballet structure including barre exercises, center work, and across the floor combinations. Throughout the year, students work on space and body awareness, maintaining proper alignment, and strengthening their muscles. For these Super Stars, we strive to create a positive atmosphere where children will be inspired to continue to participate in dance.

All Stars

(Ages 9 – 14)

Our All Stars ballet program is a great opportunity for beginner and experienced dancers to focus more on proper technique using the Vaganova method, which includes emphasis on body alignment, turn out, flexibility, and dance etiquette. Here, dancers add new steps to their repertoire executing combinations at different musical tempos on different musical counts. We move beyond the beginner level to teach energetic center work that includes pirouette and soutenu turns as well as both petit and grande allegro combinations. In addition, dancers work on classical and contemporary choreography, which they will perform on stage at the end of the year!

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