Shine On!

Annual Year-End Recital

At Stellar Dance Studio, we believe every student should have the opportunity to shine and showcase their skills on stage. To provide our students with this chance to perform, we are proud to present our annual year-end recital “Shine On” where all levels from Prima Ballerina to the Stellar Dance Company perform a unique routine for friends, family, and the rest of the Stellar Dance Community.

We encourage our dancers to work towards their goals all year in class, and the recital provides the perfect opportunity for students to show off what they have learned. Performing on stage helps students of all ages build confidence and gain professional show experience. We hope all dancers will participate in our recital as it is the culmination of their hard work in class throughout the year. To shine best on stage, we suggest light stage makeup including eyeshadow, blush, and a light pink lipstick. Please no red lipstick and no glitter. Hair should be pulled back in a tight bun for all styles.

The recital will take place before Memorial Weekend in May. All fees are included in the students’ tuition. Tickets for the show can be purchased in studio. Look out for more information regarding our year end show as the date gets closer!

Included in Tuition


  • Theater
  • Sound
  • Lights
  • Teachers & Staff
  • Rehearsal




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