Russian Ballet Through Power of Play

About Our Private Lessons

Private classes are a great opportunity for dancers to get one-on-one attention and work on specific areas where they wish to improve their dance skills. We are proud to offer private lessons in ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, and stretching. In each session, students see remarkable progress as we are able to focus on the small details that can truly elevate a dance performance. Private classes are tailored to each dancer’s individual strengths and aim to enhance stretching, dance technique, musicality, choreography, and preparation for any stage performance or dance competition.

Students who show dedication and commitment by continually taking private lessons over a long period of time are eligible to perform a solo or duet in the Stellar Dance Studio year-end show, SHINE ON! These dancers will also have the opportunity to perform their solo or duet at dance competitions throughout the year.

Private lessons are offered on a first-come-first-served policy and studio availability.


Duration Cost
30 min. $45.00
45 min. $70.00
60 min. $90.00

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