YOUR MISSION: Acknowledge children’s true potential and Inspire them to learn by sparkling magic in each class.

Job Description: Dance Instructor 

LA’s Leading Arts Performing Studio for Ballet & Contemporary

At Stellar Dance Studio, our mission is to create a fun and supportive environment where  children can build the confidence to succeed through the art of dance. We focus on teaching  proper dance technique and building strength in all young dancers. Our goal is to foster growth and empower students to reach their maximum potential both on and off the stage. We Nurture, Inspire & Empower children in each class. We provide full training on each of our programs, our culture, and  key principles to succeed at SDS as an exceptional educator.

We are looking for exceptional people to teach engaging individual and group lessons in  Hollywood, Los Angeles. In this role you will work in a dedicated team of educators to deliver our tailored programs to dancers ages 2-14. 

Purpose of Role 

Our Instructor is committed to nurture, inspire, and empower our students while sparkling  magic, so our students get exceptional experience and feel belonged in each class.  

In this role you will: 

  • Provide highly engaged and inspiring dance lessons for children
  • Fully embrace and embody the mission and values of Stellar Dance Studio. 
  • Follow the class curriculum, syllabus, lesson’s plans and studio calendar. 
  • Enthusiastically implement various themes and music playlists into  the curriculum throughout the year per Stellar Dance Calendar.  
  • Make a ten-month teaching commitment, September through June, (summer is optional) to teach weekly dance classes per Stellar Dance Studio calendar. 
  • Prepare students for our annual productions.
  • Prepare students and their Progress Cards for seasonal evaluations and  open class weeks.
  • Prepare and examine students for Russian Ballet Association exams (Ballet Teachers ONLY).
  • Participate in face-to-face team meetings, along with regular  one-on-one conversations, team training and professional  development opportunities.
  • Enthusiastically support the various efforts designed by Stellar Dance Studio to provide exceptional dance experience throughout their learning journey.  

Attributes for Success 

To be successful in this role you must demonstrate that you have: 

A true desire to inspire children. You absolutely love working with children and love helping them develop and embrace their confidence, knowing that   long-lasting positive impact they’ll experience by having a passionate dance teacher in  their life. 

A natural and welcoming approach to forming relationships with students and parents. You are warm,  approachable and confident when speaking with parents. They respect your ability to  communicate with ease and make them feel part of the studio family. 

Boundless Energy because you are high-energy, fun, kind and approachable. Your magnetic energy draws your students into your class as you inspire them to push themselves to reach the next level in their training.  

A passion for bringing out the best in every student because you are a professional who has a  true desire to make each student feel special. You understand the importance of individual  attention and really love getting to know your student’s personality. Our families adore you because you are kind and compassionate and because you love to establish a natural connection with your students.

Commitment to Stellar Dance Studio and its Mission. You take responsibility for your actions  and pride yourself on your integrity. You are open to clear communication and feedback at all  times. 

Commitment to Stellar Programs’ Curriculum, Syllabus and Lesson Plans. You provide instruction for every Program in alignment with the Stellar curriculum. You understand the importance of class structure, syllabus and additional class materials. You are a true educator and prepare for each lesson in advance according to the provided Lessons Plans. 

Commitment to the Team. Our team is the core of everything that happens at Stellar Dance  Studio. You are generous, creative and caring towards your fellow team members which uplifts  the entire studio. 

The Essentials: 

  • The ability to teach one or more styles of dance: Ballet/ Contemporary/ Hip Hop /Acrobatic
  • A willingness and ability to commit for the entirety of the 10-month season.
  • Available to teach 2+ days per week and attend team and one-on-one biweekly meetings. 

Hours of Work: Weekdays – afternoon/ evenings. Weekends –  mornings. 

Compensation: Flat hourly rate.

Start Date: September 2021

Next Steps: If this feels like an opportunity that makes you say “I would love to be a part of it! please complete the application form found at this link: 


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