Recreational Dance

Jazz dance combines elements of ballet technique with energetic and creative movements from modern dance to form a unique and exciting style that is entertaining to watch and even more fun to perform! At Stellar Dance Studio, we are proud to offer an extensive jazz program for kids that ranges from theater and Broadway jazz to hip-hop and jazz funk. Our jazz curriculum incorporates athletic movements like jumps, turns, tumbling tricks, and floor work into high-energy routines. Jazz class at Stellar Dance Studio creates the perfect environment for outgoing kids to express themselves creatively and encourages more shy children to break out of their shell.

Shining Stars

(Ages 4.5 – 6)

Our Shining Stars jazz program offers classes for students to get an introduction to the animated and upbeat nature of jazz dance. Every session includes an exciting new theme where dancers learn basic jazz technique through imaginative movement. In these beginner classes, we focus on rhythm, jumps, flexibility, cartwheels, and hand stands. We can’t wait to watch as your little dancer develops an early love for jazz at Stellar Dance Studio!

Super Stars

(Ages 6 – 9)

Our Super Stars jazz program is designed for dancers to learn jazz technique from a fun and imaginative perspective. We focus on musicality, rhythm, flexibility, coordination, and memorization as we move to a more fast-paced class structure. Classes begin with an energetic warm up to popular songs followed by the integration of tumbling moves and choreography. While maintaining a magical essence to keep your child engaged, our Super Stars jazz classes explore African Jazz, Broadway, Hawaiian, Latin, and Arabic styles of dance. We offer an exciting environment where dancers learn pirouette turns, grande battlements, traveling combinations, and choreography.

All Stars

(Ages 9 – 14)

Our All Star jazz program offers a place for dancers to express themselves through movement as they learn proper jazz technique and combine these elements into creative choreography that tells a story. Beyond classical jazz, we also incorporate lyrical and contemporary styles that allow dancers to show their emotions through dance. In these classes, we focus on flexibility, technique, core strength, dance etiquette, and emotional performance. All Stars learn various leaps, jumps, and turns as well as tumbling tricks, transitional steps, and complex dance combinations.

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