Hip Hop

Recreational Dance

Hip Hop’s fresh approach combines fundamental dance techniques with urban elements to create an entirely new style of dance that is fun and relevant. We use the most upbeat and age-appropriate music to create exciting hip-hop dance classes for kids and toddlers. At Stellar Dance Studio, we focus on teaching basic jumps, isolations, and body waves along with elements of popping, locking, and tumbling. Our hip-hop classes are fast-paced and follow a high-energy structure including warm-up, across the floor combinations, floor work, and choreography. Hip Hop encourages individuality as students learn to put their own personality into each move.

Shining Stars

(Ages 4.5 – 6)

Our Shining Stars hip-hop program is the perfect introduction for these little dancers to learn beginner moves including hip hop walks, bounces, basic steps and jumps. We focus on developing coordination, rhythm, and building upper body strength in our Shining Stars dancers. In addition, Stellar Dance Studio hip-hop classes incorporate floor combinations and tumbling skills like cartwheels and hand stands.

Super Stars

(Ages 6 – 9)

Our Super Star hip-hop program engages dancers through a technical and imaginative approach to dance. Classes for this age group are fast-paced with energetic warm-ups, tumbling moves, and choreography. We focus on rhythm, musicality, and memorization as we give students the opportunity to explore different styles of movement. Dancers learn funky footwork, hip-hop jumps, floor work, and choreography. We also incorporate moves like six steps and baby freezes to provide our students with an introduction to elements of break dancing.

All Stars

(Ages 9 – 14)

Our All Stars hip-hop program provides a fun, energetic, structured hip-hop class great for experienced hip-hoppers and beginners alike. Students learn both modern and old school hip-hop styles as they enhance their memory, coordination, and rhythm. Our All Stars classes perfect the technical jumps and isolation moves of hip hop and combine these steps into more complex routines. At this level, we also focus on encouraging students to add their own swag and personality to their dancing. Hip Hop class becomes a place for dancers in this age group to develop individual style, build self-esteem, and express creativity while learning the fundamentals of one of the most popular styles of dance.

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