Prima Ballerina 2-7 y.o.


Imagine transforming into a princess, emerging into an enchanted adventure, and learning the magic of ballet in every class.

Your child will be immersed in our magical and entertaining world, and fall in love with ballet while learning discipline, vocabulary, and proper technique to build upon in the future.

Our Kids Learn

The Prima ballerina consists of 4 levels. Through the power of play and Vaganova ballet syllabus your child will progress from learning basic ballet positions  and simple dances in level 1 to learning the ballet barre exercises and more complex choreography in level 4. 

Participating in our Prima Ballerina classes, you will see your child develop rhythm, posture, balance, coordination, memory, flexibility and social and performing  skills from the very beginning!

What Your Child Will Love

    • the Prima Ballerina inspirational box

    • an exciting new theme each quarter

    • illustrated Prima Ballerina progress journal

    • ballet uniform & shoes  

    • exciting props

    • inspirational weeks

    • certificate of completion & level up ceremony

    • year-end recital & spectacular costumes

    • badges & trophies

Register to Reserve Your Child’s Spot


“We love what we do…and want you to love it too!”

Our 100% Happiness Guarantee is Risk-Free and designed for new students. If you are not 100% happy with your first dance experience at Stellar Dance Studio after joining, you may simply request a refund after your first class. 



$150/month for 1 class/week

$285/month for 2 classes/week

The Tuition is divided into 9 instalments and charged monthly from September through May.

Classes start September 1- end May 28. Registration Fee of $40 is charged upon enrollment. If class is full, please register and join our waiting list.




Level age day time
Prima Ballerina 1 2.5-3 Sunday 8:45 am
Prima Ballerina 1 2.5-3 Tuesday 9:30 am
Prima Ballerina 2 3-4 Sunday 9:30 am
Prima Ballerina 2 3-4 Tuesday 10:30 am
Prima Ballerina 2 3-4 Tuesday 3: 15 pm
Prima Ballerina 3 4-5 Sunday 10:30 am
Prima Ballerina 3 4-5 Tuesday 4:00 pm
Prima Ballerina 4 6-7 Sunday 11:30 am
Prima Ballerina 4 6-7 Tuesday 5:00 pm

What Is Included?

    • weekly classes

    • uniform& shoes

    • learning materials

    • certificate of completion

    • Prima Ballerina inspirational box

    • recital registration fee

    • recital costume rental

                    What You Will Love

    • lifetime memories for your child

    • Vaganova pre-syllabus based curriculum 

    • 4 levels of progression based classes

    • stellar educators

    • class uniforms

    • showcase classes for parents each season

    • online registration & monthly payments

    • easy and convenient ALL INCLUSIVE TUITION

    • recital Picture Day 

    • stress free Stellar Show

    • membership perks

Why Prima Ballerina?

“I am so excited to bring you our magical Prima Ballerina program! After years of experience teaching children, I learned how to bring the magic of ballet to young dancers using story, theme, music, vocabulary, and imagination. I believe, to inspire a love for Ballet, children ages 2.5-7 should be gently introduced to the art through excitement and fairy tales rather than dry vocabulary and ballet barre exercises. A young dancer needs to be nurtured and encouraged while they learn new skills, so they are willing to work hard to keep growing. This is exactly what we do at Stellar Dance Studio through the Prima Ballerina program!”

                                                                                                            Miss Stella

Students Love Prima Ballerina

In Prima Ballerina classes, kids don’t even realize how much they are learning because they are simply having fun. Your dancer will be inspired by classical music , exciting themed props, and illustrated learning journal. We call this Stellar Secret Learning, where students leave each class with a smile, a sense of accomplishment, and a deep-rooted understanding of new vocabulary terms and skills.

From Our Parents

Absolutely love this dance studio! My daughter has been attending for about a year now and she has learned so much! She used to be very shy but Stellar dance has really helped her come out of her shell. I like that the classes have an easy routine to follow and the teachers are very welcoming and professional. I highly recommend!

                                                                                       Nancy G.

“My daughter can’t wait until her next class. She learns so much, but most importantly enjoys every step!                 

                                                                                                                     Zoe C.

What happens when kids get started with Prima Ballerina Classes?

They Discover a Love For Dance

Increased Coordination, Posture, Agility and Flexibility

Combat Stress and Improve Self-Confidence

Create Friendships and Improve Social Skills

We Hope to Dance With You Soon!

Stellar Show

We encourage our dancers to work towards their goals all year in class, and the recital provides the perfect opportunity for students to show off what they have learned. Performing on stage helps students of all ages build confidence and gain professional show experience. All Prima Ballerina students shine on the stage at the end of each year.

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