ages 7-13 Ballet

Ages 7-13

Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance, and here at Stellar Dance Studio we offer a wide range of ballet classes for children to discover the backbone of classical dance. Through the study of ballet, your dancer will develop Vaganova ballet technique, learn to jump, turn, and tell stories with movement. We know every child has dreams of being a fairy tale character or ballet princess, and this is where it begins! Through Stellar Ballet Program our students develop excellent technique and love for dance from a young age. 

Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker

For the past 3 years our Ballet students ages 6-12 participated in Moscow Ballet in ancillary roles performing side-by-side with the full Russian company in The Wiltern Theater.  Children enjoy auditioning and performing roles such us party children, mice, snowflakes, snow maidens and variations.

Year-End Stellar Recital

All level Ballet students work on classical compositions, which they will perform on stage at the end of the year!

Level I

No prior dance experience is required. Class meets 1 -2 times a week.

Stellar Ballet Level I  classes focus on learning basic ballet techniques  (Vaganova Method). Students study basic Ballet techniques, rhythm, strength, posture, flexibility, and ballet vocabulary. Level I Ballet classes emphasize proper ballet positions, basic barre exercises, as well as basic jumps, turns, and terminology. Ballet Level I classes nurture and inspire young students to develop love for ballet, flexibility, and basic ballet technique.

Level II

Completion of Level I or equivalent is required. Class meets 2 times a week.

Stellar Ballet Level II provides an environment that encourages dancers to learn and think creatively as they build on previous skills. In addition to ballet techniques (Vaganova Method),  students work on space and body awareness, maintaining proper alignment, and strengthening their muscles. For Level II students we strive to create a positive atmosphere where children will be inspired to continue to participate in dance.

Level III (Pre-Pointe)

Completion of Level II or equivalent is required. Class meets 3 times a week.

Stellar Ballet level III classes is a great opportunity for experienced dancers to focus more on proper technique using the Vaganova method. It emphasis on body alignment, turn out, flexibility, Russian techniques, and dance etiquette. Here, dancers add new steps to their repertoire executing combinations at different musical tempos on different musical counts. Ballet Level III classes prepare students for pointe technique. Students focus on more complex barre exercises, pre-pointe exercises, adagio, multiple pirouette, fouetté and soutenu turns, as well as both petite and grande allegro combinations.




age level day time tuition
7&Up Level I Monday 4:30 pm $110/month
9&Up Level II Monday 5:30 pm $110/month

What happens when kids get started with our Ballet Program?

They Improve Love For Dance

Gain Self-Confidence & Life Skills

Increased Coordination, Posture, and Flexibility

They Develop Dance Skills, Strength and Endurance.

From Our Parents

Ages 7-13

Thank you, Stellar Dance Studio, Los Angeles for your commitment to providing high-quality dance classes in Hollywood area!
Throughout the year, my daughter improved her self-confidence, self-discipline, poise, and grace, constantly refining her dance technique under your supervision.
I truly appreciate your persistence in trying to instill a growth mindset in your students, allowing them to shine and enhance their interest in dancing.

                                                                                       ~ Mara F.

Absolutely love this dance studio! My daughter has been attending for about a year now and she has learned so much! She used to be very shy but Stellar dance has really helped her come out of her shell. I like that the classes have an easy routine to follow and the teachers are very welcoming and professional. I highly recommend!

                                                                                       ~ Nancy G.

It was was  an unforgettable experience seeing my daughter performing with Moscow Ballet Nutcracker. Thank you Stellar Dance Studio for the training and opportunity!

                                                                                       ~ Hnoi P.

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