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children dance education at stellar

I opened Stellar Dance Studio with the deep-seeded belief that early exposure to the arts and dance education help arm children with an essential set of life skills that will positively influence the way they connect with the world. I began dancing at a very young age and my love for dace and the positive impact inspired my mission to provide an opportunity for kids to grow through dance. With this in mind, I’ve developed a program rooted in the desire to offer a balance of technical training and unconditional joy to every child who walks in our doors.

My goal is to create an inclusive environment for students to develop the confidence, communication, and courage they need to carry them through all of their future endeavors. Children Dance Education offers a unique opportunity to excel not only in dance, but also in music, theatre, and any sports while simultaneously building skills that will help students succeed in every aspect of their lives. I believe that dance provides limitless opportunities and encourages individuals to spread their wings and soar to their highest potential.


Our Stellar Team creates a magical experience that allows kids to enjoy themselves while learning proper dance technique. We foster young minds through imaginative exercises that build strength and motivate them to work harder. We structure our curriculum to acknowledge individual achievements and milestones throughout the learning process. Each level builds on the skills that were acquired in the previous course. Every child is different, and we dedicate the necessary time and attention to nurture each student’s unique needs within the classroom to ensure that they progress on their own timeline. SDS believes in challenging students in a healthy way that leads them to grow into strong dancers and empowered people. In addition to our Primary Programs, we developed many additional  such as Intensive Dance Training Camp and Competitive Dance Teams. These programs provide our students with more opportunities to grow and fulfill their dreams.

While I strive to provide the highest level of children dance education in both recreational and competitive programs, I pride myself on instilling excellent sportsmanship at every level. I am so proud of the impact this company has had on the lives of so many young people, and I look forward to welcoming more students into our Stellar family. Thank you for encouraging your children to take the first step and continue training in classical and modern dance art under the guidance of professional teachers of Stellar Dance Studio.

                                                               Miss Stella


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