All Stars

 In Adult Ballet Classes

We offer ballet classes for both adults and children.


Our ever-growing adult program offers exciting classes in Salsa, Zumba, and Fitness Cardio. These classes offer a chance for relaxation, skill building, exercise and overall fitness! As our adult program grows, so do we. We look forward to adding to our array of classes to entertain and excite all of our students!


Beginning Ballet (3-5) Shining Stars
Unleash the prima ballerina and allow for movement through music while stimulating students’ imagination and creativity. This class is designed for children who are ready to be in a class on their own. Children will learn basic movement and ballet, socialization skills and the ability to follow instructions. Emphasis will be placed on interaction, development of motor skills, flexibility, and concentration while having fun. This class introduces basic ballet techniques and vocabulary. (Perfect for younger students and beginners.)

Beginning Ballet (6-8) Super Stars
Now that children are ready to follow a class format, they will be introduced to a real ballet class. The previously explored movement through music will be enhanced with greater coordination and the ability to follow moves in sequence. Children will learn to remember their placement in the room, improve their posture, and stretch prior to each class. Perfect for younger students and beginners.

Beginning/Intermediate (8-13) All Stars
Intermediate ballet transitions the students from a children’s class to a more developed program. Children are taught a deeper level of ballet technique, ballet barre, middle, turns, and jumps. The importance of musicality, strength, flexibility, and etiquette will be stressed. Twice weekly attendance is recommended. (Suitable for beginners and those with some ballet experience)

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